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Country Walks Around The Campsite

The country walks around the campsite are simple paths through the fields. The paths are not marked however are very easy to follow as they are used by the farming vehicles so they are large paths. The terrain is mostly earth and some rocks so good footwear is recommended.

These walks are not serious hiking routes and can be completed by anyone with a reasonable level of fitness. However whenever you venture out you should take some precautions just in case the unexpected happens. Many hikers use the Ten Essentials as the basic items to take on a hike. Although, The Ten Essentials are intended for more serious hiking they are are good aid to remember what to take with you when you venture outdoors.

Top Tips for Country Walks Around the Campsite

“Ten Essential Systems” provides the basic equipment to cover most situations even when the hike takes longer than you intend.

  • Navigation               – map and compass, GPS device, or a smartphone.
    • See below for a map that you can follow on your smartphone.
  • Sun Protection         – sunglasses, sun hat, sunscreen, lip balm.
    • Highly recommended in June, July and August.
  • Insulation                 – warm clothing, windproof / waterproof outer shell, hat and gloves.
    • April, May, and September can bring unexpected rain showers so light waterproof might be useful.
  • Illumination              – headlamp / flashlight + spare batteries.
    • You can use the “torch app” on your smartphone, but if you venture out at night to see the stars a dedicated torch would be better.
  • First Aid Supplies     – basic first aid kit, insect repellent spray / insect bite cream.
    • Always useful when you venture outdoors.
  • Fire                          – waterproof matches or lighter.
    • Not really necessary in the summer as the nights are warm. We recommend that you do not light a fire as the risk to the local crops and forests is high during the summer months. If you do light a fire in an emergency situation then be very careful that you control the fire and make sure it is fully extinguished before you leave it.
  • Repair Kit & Tools   – basic cord and simple pocket knife, whistle.
    • Always useful – what if your shoelace breaks; or you need to attract someone’s attention.
  • Nutrition                  – food, such as energy bars, nuts, raisins etc.
    • your favourite snacks are always welcome at a rest break.
  • Hydration                 – water; extra water especially in the summer months.
    • In the summer temperatures can be over 30 Celsius so always take more than you think you need. Bottled water is available to purchase in the Coffee Shop.
  • Emergency Shelter   – insulating silver foil blanket.
    • Useful if you need to conserve body heat in cold weather, but also useful if you need to create a shaded area in the summer if one of your group is unwell.

Also don’t forget your mobile phone and camera ! There are beautiful views to photograph to remember your vacation. Additionally remember to charge the batteries and take spare memory cards for your camera !

Map of country Walks around the Campsite

BlueFarm Walk, 2.9 Km
GreenLake Via Road, 2.2 Km
Light Blue + GreenMonastery Circular, 7.8 Km
Light BlueMonastery (Out & Back), 8 Km
PurpleNorth Circular, 4 Km
OrangeCherry Orchards, 4.6 Km
Blue + YellowWest Lake, 7.4 Km

Country Code for Country Walks

When you are out walking please follow the Countryside Code.

  • Enjoy the countryside and respect its life and work.
  • Guard against all risk of fire.
  • Leave all gates as you found them.
  • Furthermore Keep your pets under close control.
  • Keep to paths across farmland or the edge of the field.
  • Leave livestock, crops and machinery alone.
  • Take your rubbish home.
  • Help to keep all water clean by not polluting streams and rivers.
  • Protect wildlife, plants and trees. Do not pick flowers.
  • Take special care on country roads.

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