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A Sparrow sitting on a Post in Camping Veliko Tarnovo with the lake behind

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Bird Watching

Bulgaria is home to over 420 bird species and is one of the up and coming destinations for ornithologists. The various wild habitats provide shelter for 22 endangered species. Hence, Bulgaria is a great place for bird-watching and photography. The Via Ponitca, one of the migratory routes in Europe, passes through Bulgaria.

There are two resident birds of prey living in the campsite valley and they are often seen circling and swooping for prey. Bee eaters and golden orioles are found locally in Spring time. There are also eagles to be found within an hour’s drive. There is a large group of buzzards who live in the next field as well as visiting eagles, ospreys and owls.

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Bird Watching is a super activity in Bulgaria. Click here to see a map detailing where you can find hundreds of species. We often see Golden Oriels on the campsite and we hear Night Jars each evening in summer.

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