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We are happy to present to you our Homemade Elderflower Lemonade. The Lemonade is very refreshing. Also, it has a light flowery taste and it is perfect for the hot summer days.

Our Homemade Lemonade is made in a traditional way. The most important ingredient for a flawless lemonade is the syrup. The syrup for our lemonade is made here in the Camping. What is more, it does not contain any added dyes or preservatives.

The elderflower syrup contains water, lemons, sugar and the flowers of the european elder. We mix the elderflower syrup with lemon juice and soda, then we add ice cubes and fresh lemon slices and you get the perfect summer drink.

The Elderflower Lemonade is a great adding to your morning coffee. What is more, the lemonade is a superb combination with gin or vodka too.

You are more than welcome to try our Homemade Elderflower Lemonade during your stay in the Campsite. You will definitely not regret it!

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