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Road Tax

In Bulgaria you must buy an e-vignette (road tax, which is called Vinetka in Bulgarian) to drive on taxable roads. Most roads are taxable. The untaxed roads are the smallest category of roads between small villages. The roads at the borders are taxable, so you need to buy a vignette as soon as you cross into Bulgaria. You can even buy it online before you enter.

What is an e-vignette?

The electronic vignette (Е-Vinetka or е-Винетка) is a legal document that certifies the payment of a vignette fee for the use of the paid road network in Bulgaria. It has an expiry date. You choose the length of your e-vignette, depending on the length of time you plan to stay in Bulgaria. You can buy more than one e-vignette, so if you decide to stay longer, just buy another one.

E-vignettes are annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly and weekend. They are valid from the purchase day and time indicated as the starting date. Always check the start and end date and time of validity of the electronic vignette.

Vehicles which need an e-vignette

  • Vehicles with 4 wheels which transport people.
  • Cars, vans or lorries with 4 wheels which transport goods.
  • Off-road type of vehicles if they travel on the road.
  • Caravans / trailers when the combined load of Car + trailer > 3.5 tons

Motorcycles, tricycles and ATVs do not pay vignette fees.

Does your caravan need a separate Vignette?

When the total combined gross weight of the car and trailer/caravan is more than 3.5 tons, you must buy an additional separate electronic vignette category 3 for a trailer/caravan. If you do not do this, you will risk a fine. The overhead gantries across many of the roads check for road tax status. It is not worth risking. We recommend you buy the correct tax when you enter Bulgaria (or before).

The Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) for you car is shown on the Vehicle’s Safety Compliance Certification Label. This is usually on the driver’s side door by the lock facing or door latch post. On some vehicles this label is on the windscreen. On your caravan the Maximum Technically Permissible Laden Mass (MTPLM) is on a plate near the entrance door.

What if your Campervan is > 3.5 tons?

If your vehicle is rated more than 3.5 tons you must buy a road toll specific to the journey you will do. You are then in the category of Heavy Goods Vehicle. If you are unsure how far you will get, choose a destination further on to make sure you will be covered. You must enter this information before you travel. If you need help, ask in reception and we can assist you.

How to buy a e-vignette

You can purchase Electronic vignettes online here. If it is in Bulgarian language, you can select your language by clicking the drop down list shown in the photo below. The languages you can choose are; English, German, Russian, Turkish, Serbian, Greek and Romanian. This language drop down list is one the right side as you can see in the picture below.

Alternatively you can buy e-vignettes at selected Lukoil Fuel Stations. The closest one to us at Camping Veliko Tarnovo, is in Lyaskovets.

Check here the e-Vignette validity in case you have already bought an e-vignette and you want to check the status.

Vehicle TypeVignette Needed
Motorbike, ATV, MopedNo Vignette Required
Car < 3.5 tonsCar Vignette Only
Car & Caravan (Trailer) Combined Weight < 3.5 tonsCar Vignette Only
Car & Caravan (Trailer) Combined Weight > 3.5 tonsCar Vignette & Caravan / Trailer Vignette
Motorhome or Campervan < 3.5 tonsLight Goods Vignette Only

Routed Road Tolls – Vehicles > 3.5 tons

For Campervans and motorhomes > 3.5 tons and < 12 tons a routed road toll must be purchased for every journey you make. A vehicle greater than 3.5 tons is classed as a Heavy Goods Vehicle.

We understand that under European Laws this will be changed in the future, but for now, this is the system.

When planning your trip from the campsite onto your next stop, check out which road to use to go south.

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