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Traditional cart in the sunrise with motorhomes in the campsite.

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Sunrise at Camping Veliko Tarnovo

Feeling thankful for another beautiful sunrise at Camping Veliko Tarnovo. Thanks also to all our wonderful guests who are staying with us right now. We have guests from Germany, UK, Romania, Turkey, Moldova, Belgium and Italy.

Each day brings us fresh opportunities for new adventures, relaxation and happy times with people we love.

Camping Veliko Tarnovo is one of the few campsites in Europe where you can see the full horizon stretching for km after km. The sunrises here are some of the best you will see anywhere!

Replenish your soul at sunrise at Camping Veliko Tarnovo.

Fun Facts about Sunrise

It looks like the sun is rising over the horizon, but actually the world is moving around the sun and brings the sun into view.

In mid-summer the sun rises to the left of our easterly horizon at the campsite. In mid-winter it rises over the mountains behind the lake.

Replenish your soul at sunrise at Camping Veliko Tarnovo.

In May, June and July sunrise is approximately 6 am (5.45 am in mid June) By August and September you can sleep in until 7am and still see the glorious colours.

Watch the sunrise here with us … or spend the next bank holiday here. We’re open from May to September.

We also have great sunsets.

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