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Caravans showing the opening dates and times 2023

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Veliko Tarnovo is one of the oldest cities in Bulgaria and is nicknamed “The City of the Tsars” for the many Bulgarian tsars who called Veliko Tarnovo home over the centuries. The city is famous for it’s fortress castle, Tsaravets. However there any many more places in the region to discover. We have written these blog posts to help visitors with their own discovery of this unique and enchanting region of Bulgaria. Our aim for our blog is to be both interesting and informative so that you can get the most from your travels in this part of the world.

Opening Dates and Times 2023

We are pleased to announce our opening dates and times for 2023.

Make sure you put them in your diary.

Open: 28th April 2023

Close: 1st October 2023

Find the latest information on our website.

You can check out the Bulgarian holidays here to plan your holiday weekends and make the most of local cultural events.

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We look forward to welcoming you!

In the coming year, campers are finding ways to experience the thrill of travel even more often. Today, more than half (53%) of campers said their budget per trip is less than Euro 500. In addition to avoiding pricier travel options, 35% of campers also look for destinations that are on the same continent as a cost-saving measure, and most limit flying with only 7% of campers having flown for a trip in the last three years.

Instead, road trips are a top choice to maximize exploring in 2023, with most covering an average of 1,223 miles, as are low-cost activities like stargazing, hiking, and campsite cooking.

We’ll be posting out our Opening Dates and times closer to the time, so look out for our posts.

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