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Intricate lacework made into table cloths and throws in the traditional style

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Arbanasi is only 8km from the campsite It is set high on a plateau overlooking the hills of Veliko Tarnovo. There are plenty of traditional houses, churches and streets to explore.  This lovely village is full of renovated houses in traditional Bulgarian style.

Traditionally, rich traders and merchants lived here and many believe there is still gold hidden in the Arbanasi hills. As you wander the streets you will find many cafe bars and restaurants to sit in the shade and watch the world pass by. There are some great views of Veliko Tarnovo to be found if you head to either end of the village. Hotel Sevastokrator has a wonderful viewing terrace which showcases Veliko Tarnovo and the Elena Balkan Mountain range. This view is not to be missed!

The most famous church here is the Nativity Church. It has some of the most famous frescoes in Bulgaria.

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