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Fresco of Virgin Mary and baby Jesus Lyaskovets Monastery of St Peter and St Paul Bulgaria

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St. Peter and Paul Monastery

St. Peter and Paul Monastery, Lyaskovets is situated on the highest hill in the area over-looking the village of Dragizhevo. It is one of the smallest but also one of the best maintained. It perches high on the rocks of the Arbanasi plateau and this explains why, through history, it has remained largely untouched.

Today it is easy to access by road from Lyaskovets. The panoramic views from the monastery’s landscaped grounds make this worth a visit.

There is a small room for wishes. Here you will write you wish for yourself or another, on a small piece of paper. You fold it up and slot it into the walls of this small stone-built room. With the addition of purchasing a candle inside the monastery, it is said that you wish will come true. We cannot confirm or deny the success of this, but you can tell us if your wish is granted.

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