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Beautiful Rainbows Galore!
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Beautiful Rainbows Galore!

Thankfully we only get seasonal rain showers in May which produce beautiful rainbows galore!

After it rains turn your back to the sun and you will often be gifted the sight of a beautiful rainbow. Here are a few pictures of the colourful rainbows over the campsite and the valley from recent years.

Did you know that the colours of the rainbow show you the size of the rain drops in the sky ? The colours are formed from the sunlight reflecting and refracting (bending) the light back towards you. The fainter the colours of the rainbow the smaller the rain drops and the brighter the colours in the rainbow the larger the rain drops.

Secondary rainbows are also quite common. A second rainbow outside of the first rainbow but with the colours reversed. Secondary rainbows also give a clue to the size of the raindrops. The more vivid the colours in the secondary rainbow the larger the raindrops.

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