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Dentist at Voychevi Veliko Tarnovo

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Do you need a dentist while on holiday ?

Do you need a dentist while on holiday at Camping Veliko Tarnovo? If so, there are several dentists in Veliko Tarnovo that can help you.

They can provide veneers, crowns, extractions, fillings, dentures, orthadontics, braces. All at competitive prices in a clean and comfortable environment.

Dentist Voychevi

The Voychevi practice is clean and the dentist speaks excellent English. Treatment is pain-free and he makes every effort to keep you comfortable. Their Google Reviews make good reading. This is the dentist that we use, so we can personally recommend them.


+359 (0) 62 645991

+359 (0) 884 354 696

Get Directions

Dentist – Dr Svetomir Ilinski

Dentist Address

Etage 2 – Office Complex Slavani Visil Levski 15 Veliko Tarnovo


GSM 0888 296181 or office 062 601312.


The office complex is part of the small CBA supermarket on the main high street between the Municipality building and fruit and vegetable market. The dentist’s office is on the one way system so you need to approach from the Municipality building and the office will be on your left hand side. Entrance is next to the Touch Me Coffee Shop. Car parking close by is near to the main park and gardens.

Do you want a taxi?

We will be happy to order you a taxi from reception.

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