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Does It Snow in Bulgaria?
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Does It Snow in Bulgaria?

People often ask us “Does it snow in Bulgaria?”. When we look back on our first years living in Bulgaria one difference to get used to was the winter season. The famous opening line “In the bleak midwinter” of the poem by English poet Christina Rosetti summarizes our early winter experiences.

It was cold !It is a lot colder than sunny England and Wales !

The pictures below show a deep hoar frost in late Autumn just before the first snows arrived. A hoar frost is an old English term meaning a frost resembling an old man’s beard. A hoar frost only forms when the air is moist and the air and objects are below-freezing. The below-freezing objects suck the moisture from the air which forms as long ice crystals on the object creating a hoar frost.

People commonly perform the poem “In the Bleak Midwinter” by English poet Christina Rossetti, as a Christmas Carol. The poem was first published, using the title “A Christmas Carol” in January 1872.

In 1906, the composer Gustav Holst composed music to accompany Rossetti’s words. This hymn is famous now across the world. The hymm won a competition and is the best Christmas Carol of 2008.

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