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Bulgarian Language for Tourists : Restaurants

Here we will give you some useful words for restaurants and some suggestions of delicious dishes to try during your stay in Bulgaria. This is the first and most important of our posts about language it focuses on Bulgarian language for tourists: Restaurants.

Common Tasty Dishes

If the menu is only in Bulgarian look out for these tasty dishes. They are on most restaurant menus:

Шопска Салата – Shopska Salad (Tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, onions and white cheese) You must taste this during your stay. It is the national dish! If you are not driving, have a rakia with it too to complete the tradition and be fully authentic.

Another delicious salad is: Овчарска Салата – Shepherd’s Salad. This has all the ingredients of a Shopska Salad, plus ham, eggs, and sometimes other dried meats.

Мешена Скара – Mixed Grill – Always a good choice!

Гювече – Guveche – Delicious oven baked vegetables and meat.

кебабче – Kebabche – skinless sausages. Lightly spiced and grilled on 4 sides. The taste of Bulgaria.

Пържени картофи – Fried potatoes. Most often served with white cheese. This looks like this: Пържени картофи със сирене.

Супа и хляб – Soup and bread

Пърленка – Homemade flat bread

When you are in different restaurants the following selection of Bulgarian words and phrases will be very helpful.

Useful Words In A Restaurant

  • Table – Маса – Masa
  • Menu – Меню – Menu
  • Starter – Предястие – Prediastie
  • Main Dish – Основно Ястие – Osnovno yastie
  • Dessert -Десерт – Dessert
  • Salad – Салата – Salata
  • To Take Away – За вкъщи – Za fkushti
  • Side plate – Допълнителна чиния – Dopulnitelna chinia
  • Bill – Сметка – Smetka
  • Smoking Area / Zone – Зона за пушачи – Zona za pyshachi
  • Non-smoking Area – Зона за непушачи – Zona za nepyshachi

Useful Phrases In A Restaurant

  • Do you have a free table? – Имате ли свободна маса? – Imate li svobodna masa?
  • I would like a table for two / three / four people. – Бих искал маса за двама / трима / четирима души. – Bih iskal masa za dvama / trima / chetirima dyshi.
  • I would like to be in the Non-smoking area. – Бих искал да бъда в зоната за непушачи. – Bih iskal da buda v zonata za nepyshachi.
  • Do you have a menu in English? – Имате ли меню на английски? – Imate li menu na angliiski?
  • I would like to order. – Бих искал да поръчам. – Bih iskal da porucham.
  • Can I have the bill, please? – Cметката, моля? – Smetkata, molia?
  • How much is this? – Колко струва това? – Kolko stryva tova?
  • I would like to pay in cash / by card. – Бих искал да платя в кеш / с карта. – Bih iskal da platia v kesh / s karta.

If you want to find some good restaurants in Veliko Tarnovo and the area, recommended by us, you can check our Blog Category ”Entertainment”, where you can find some of our favourite places.

Bulgarian Language For Tourists

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