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When you are in different restaurants the following selection of Bulgarian words and phrases would be very helpful.

Useful Words In A Restaurant

  • Table – Маса – Masa
  • Menu – Меню – Menu
  • Starter – Предястие – Prediastie
  • Main Dish – Основно Ястие – Osnovno yastie
  • Dessert -Десерт – Desert
  • Soup – Супа – Supa
  • Salad – Салата – Salata
  • To Take Away – За вкъщи – Za fkushti
  • Side plate – Допълнителна чиния – Dopulnitelna chinia
  • Bill – Сметка – Smetka
  • Smoking Area / Zone – Зона за пушачи – Zona za pyshachi
  • Non-smoking Area – Зона за непушачи – Zona za nepyshachi

Useful Phrases In A Restaurant

  • Do you have a free table? – Имате ли свободна маса? – Imate li svobodna masa?
  • I would like a table for two / three / four people. – Бих искал маса за двама / трима / четирима души. – Bih iskal masa za dvama / trima / chetirima dyshi.
  • I would like to be in the Non-smoking area. – Бих искал да бъда в зоната за непушачи. – Bih iskal da buda v zonata za nepyshachi.
  • Do you have a menu in English? – Имате ли меню на английски? – Imate li menu na angliiski?
  • I would like to order. – Бих искал да поръчам. – Bih iskal da porucham.
  • Can I have the bill, please? – Може ли сметката, моля? – Mozhe li smetkata, molia?
  • How much is this? – Колко струва това? – Kolko stryva tova?
  • I would like to pay in cash / by card. – Бих искал да платя в кеш / с карта. – Bih iskal da platia v kesh / s karta.

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