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Water flows like silk into turquoise clear water pools at Krushuna Waterfall in Bulgaria.

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Krushuna Waterfalls

Krushuna Waterfalls (Крушунски водопади) are a series of waterfalls in Northern Bulgaria, near the village of Krushuna. This is in the Municipality of Letnitsa. They are famous for their beauty. The beautiful turquoise pools form below the waterfalls. This is due to calcium deposits from the mineral spring water. These deposits create white and cream rocks and the water looks crystal clear against these rocks.

To find Krushuna Waterfalls, there is a tourist path leading to the cave where the river starts. There are two smaller waterfalls in the area, one of which is called Malkata Maara. Some other caves are close by – Urushka Maara, Gornik and Devetashka cave.

Krushuna Waterfalls are a famous local place to walk and enjoy the relaxing sound of water. The walking path is shaded, so it is a great place to visit on a hot day. Just remember to visit the Coffee Shop to pick up some water and snacks to enjoy along your way.

Remains of the Hesychast Krushuna Monastery dating from the 13-14th century in time of the Second Bulgarian Empire are also nearby.

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