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Some exhibits in Mini Bulgaria Veliko Tarnovo

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Mini Bulgaria

Discover Bulgaria in one Day at Mini Bulgaria! Mini Bulgaria is a 1/25th scale model of Bulgaria that you can walk around easily on level paths. Each path takes you to a different region of Bulgari. There you will find very detailed and well made models of the major sights of Bulgaria.

Each model takes between 1 months to 6 months to make. The models are developed by a team of 15 dedicated experts from the Ukraine called “The Miniatures Workshop” who have supplied models to various projects across Europe.

An interesting place for adults to learn about Bulgaria and it’s rich history. Also a great place to take the children for burn off some energy!

There is also a small shop selling souvenirs and drinks, snacks and ice-creams so ideal to give the children a holiday treat!

Opening times are current prices are on their website.

If you are travelling with children who enjoyed visiting this attraction check out the Museum of Illusions.

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