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A Tyre for repair

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Where Can You Repair a tyre?

When you need to repair a damaged tyre you should first check your vehicle recovery insurance to see if your insurer will arrange for a technician to come and make the repair at the campsite.

If you want to arrange it yourself, then there are great local repair shops nearby. Lyaskovets is the closest, which is 5 km away and an easy drive with a motorhome or caravan.

Marinov Tyre Shop / Gumadzhinynitsa Marinovo, Lyaskovets

It’s called Marinov’s Tyre shop and they repair tyres for campers all the time. Just go with your vehicle and they will have a look and tell you when they can make the repair.

Do you need a new tyre?

If you want a new tyre there are some big warehouses in Veliko Tarnovo (15 km away) that stock large quantities of tyres and are likely to have suitable ones in stock. If not, they can often order them for you.

Primex Tyre Shop, Veliko Tarnovo

Primex is one of the largest in Veliko Tarnovo. It is accessible for large vehicles and it holds a large range of tyres. They can also balance and track tyres. They will also repair damaged tyres.

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