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Vets and Dog Groomers

We know good professional vets and dog groomers who we trust with our own pets. Milena is a professionally qualified dog groomer based in Veliko Tarnovo and Sanivets have looked after our animals for 15 years.

Veterinary Services

Sanivets are the vets that we use for our animals. They are professional, compassionate and caring. Best of all, they speak English, which is a huge benefit when you need to be sure you can communicate clearly. They understand how important our pets are to us and they do a great job. The prices are good compared to other countries too, so don’t hesitate if your pet is unwell.

Dog Grooming Services

Milena from Sharo Pet Store will make sure your dog is comfortable during the hot weather by clipping their coat. Her rates are 50% of other European countries. She clips for competitions to international standards, so don’t be concerned about trusting her to do a good job.

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