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Rock Climbing Around Veliko Tarnovo

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Today Veliko Tarnovo is a symbol of Bulgarian history, a centre for culture, education and tourism. The city attracts many visitors from all over the world. But it also attracts adventure lovers who like rocks and and rock climbing.

The Alpine Club Trapezitsa, based in Veliko Tarnovo, is the foundation for establishing the wonderful conditions for rock climbing around Veliko Tarnovo. In 1989 a round of the World Cup Championship Competition for rock climbing was held on the rocks close to Veliko Tarnovo.

There are two climbing areas. The first area is near the ancient monastery of St. Trinity to the north of the city. And the second area, called “Ousteto”, is on the south side of the city. The climbing routes are equipped for safety. The two climbing areas offer diverse routes and difficulty ranges for a range of climbing experiences.

Rock Climbing Guide

The Alpine Club Trapezitsa have produced an excellent climbing guide to the climbing routes. The guide is written in Bulgarian and English languages.

Follow this link to read the Alpine Club’s ClimbingGuide.PDF (