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Veliko Tarnovo

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Veliko Tarnovo is the beautiful medieval capital spectacularly located on the steep, craggy banks of the river Yantra. It is crowned by the imposing hill fortress Tsaravets and is Bulgaria’s little-known gem. You should explore the attractive old town cobbled streets to see traditional Bulgarian town life preserved like a real-life museum and be sure not to miss the recently-restored Samovodska Charshiya. Veliko Tarnovo hosts a delightful combination of National Revival Style architecture intermingled with the new face of modern Bulgaria, which includes shopping malls, bowling, and cinemas.

Veliko Tarnovo is renowned for its Universities so the thriving student population means there are many bars and restaurants offering excellent quality and well-priced refreshments. The students bring a good balance to the town where the old and the young live in harmony.Veliko Tarnovo is the jewel in Bulgaria’s crown and is a must-see destination for any visitor to Bulgaria.

Read more at Veliko Tarnovo’s official information Website.