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Gurko Street, Veliko Tarnovo

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Gurko Street in Veliko Tarnovo is a beautiful cobbled street where the houses, built during the 18th and the 19th centuries, rise steeply one above the other, reflected picturesquely in the river below. The street also offers an unequalled view toward the monument of the Assens (The Four Horsemen) and the Yantra River.

The lovely Gurko Hotel is a perfect place to sit and admire the view. On this street you can find Sarafinka’s House. Built in 1861 by a rich Turkish merchant and moneylender, this fine five-storey National Revival style house-museum displays antique ceramics, metalwork, wood carvings and jewellery, and has some fascinating exhibits about traditional costumes and bread-making. Revival-period furniture fills the upper floor, along with vintage family photos.