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Tryavna Wood Carving Village

Tryavna Wood Carving Village was famous during the Bulgarian National Revival period when it was at the forefront of wood crafts. Houses from this period feature their own unique architectural design. You will see this style of house throughout the village. The ground floors have irregular forms and housed craftsmen and traders. The upper floors feature wooden bow-windows, the roofs are covered with well arranged huge stone slates, which look like rocks. The town square has a beautiful clock tower dating from 1814.

The “kivgireniyat” bridge was built above the river behind the clock tower. This is a famous tourist attraction in Tryavna wood carving village. The wood-carved iconostasis and the bishop’s throne in the St Archangel Michael church are real masterpieces of the woodcarving in Tryavna. The Daskalov house is a museum of woodcarving and icon painting and boasts amazing ceilings.

Tryavna is one of the destinations included in our 7 Day Trips Blog.

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