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Casa Di Bianco Table inside Restaurant Veliko Tarnovo

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Casa Di Bianco Restaurant

Casa Di Bianco Restaurant is located in the heart of Veliko Tarnovo – Mother Bulgaria square. The restaurant has a completely renovated Summer Terrace. There you can enjoy the variety of culinary masterpieces with irresistible taste.

In Casa Di Bianco Restaurant you can enjoy both traditional dishes and selected dishes of international cuisine. In their menu you can find pizza, pasta, risotto, fish, seafood, and the best sushi in the city. Desserts in the restaurant are also not to be missed.

The restaurant is a great place for lunch, dinner or even just for a quick snack. In addition, the staff is very polite, friendly, and helpful! They provide high-level service and will make you feel very welcomed!

You can find more information on their website, which is also in English, at Home – Restourant Casa di Bianco ( The menus at the restaurant are also available in English.

It is a very popular restaurant for locals so it is advisable to make an online request for reservation. You can do that through their website at Restourant Casa di Bianco ( . 

There are two other restaurants from the Bianco Chain in the city. Their names are “Pizza Bianco Bakery and Café’’ and “Bianco Family Restaurant”. “Pizza Bianco Bakery and Café’’ is located in one of the most famous family neighbourhoods, called Kartala. “Bianco Family Restaurant” is located in the city shopping centre. You can check their websites Пицария Бианко ( and Ресторант Bianco Family (

Click the map below to get directions to Casa Di Bianco Restaurant.

Bianco is one of our recommended 5 Amazing Restaurants in Veliko Tarnovo.

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