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Hristo Prodanov meeting with Nick and Nicky Kinson at the Ministry of Tourism, Bulgaria.

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Camping Veliko Tarnovo met Tourism Minister for Bulgaria Hristo Prodanov

On 10th March 2022 we met The Minister of Tourism for Bulgaria, Hristo Prodanov. Accompanying us, were campsite and industry representatives for Camping Batak, Camping Han Madona Falkovets and Camping.BG. Ivan Vozov and Lubomir Popyordanov also attended.

The Minister confirmed his team are currently preparing a strategic framework to outline the activities of campsites in Bulgaria. This will also include the wider camping industry.

When the framework is complete, Minister Prodanov explained, he will have a joint meeting with all stakeholders and institutions to discuss the document. He added that it is important for him and his team to look for working solutions in the sector. He hopes for close interaction with the representatives of the camping industry. We were pleased to hear this, as we believe it is essential in order to create an effective framework for the camping industry to move forward.

Christo Simeonov, Owner Camping Batak, presented the issues we encounter in our daily activities. He also presented a document with our proposals for possible measures and solutions. We emphasized the great potential and good income opportunities that camping tourism can generate in Bulgaria in the future. We also discussed the attractiveness of Bulgaria as a potential camping destination for foreigners.

Bulgarian Association of Campsite Owners

A further positive outcome of the meeting was that Veselin Valev of Camping.BG told Minister Hristo Prodanov that campsite owners are meeting this month to create the first Association of Campsite owners. We will also be a member of this group. The Minister confirmed that this new organization will enable official communication with the Ministry of Tourism in the future.

For more information in Bulgarian see the Ministry of Tourism’s website.

Thanks to Christo Simeonov and Ivan Vozov for making this meeting happen. It was an interesting discussion and we enjoyed the opportunity to meet The Minister and engage in dialogue with our industry colleagues.

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