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Revival Houses in Elena Town on a sunny day


Elena is a wonderful town to visit. It you want to see a typical example of traditional Bulgarian architecture, it is a great place to visit. The Road 53 takes you direct to Elena from Camping Veliko Tarnovo. The journey winds its way through the gorge and river valley and emerges at Elena.

Elena is a wonderful example of a typical Revival Style Town. The houses are made of wood and the style is typically Bulgarian.

What is there to do in Elena?

There is a lovely mix of attractions from Muesums, Walking and Hiking, Wine-tasting, Cheese and Meat Specialist Shops to the Yakovtsi Lake and Rayuvtsi Vulchan Voiroda.


The Old School (Daskalolivnitsa)

The Paleontology Museum

Ilarion Markariopolski House

Walking and Hiking

The Self-Guided Walking Tour takes you through all the attractions of the town. It takes about 1 hour depending on how quickly you walk.

Hristovski Waterfalls (Christ’s Waterfalls)

This is on the river Miykovska. To reach it, go by car to the turnoff from the main road just after the village of Ruhovtsi (in the center of the village there is a sign for the waterfall). At the turnoff you can park your car and continue on foot on a dirt road. You will reach the waterfall in about 10-15 minutes. The area is an ideal place to see the beauty of natural Bulgaria. There are spacious meadows around the waterfall, which are ideal for a picnic.

Yovkovtsi Lake

This lake is one of the most beautiful in central Bulgaria. There are great paths to walk along around the banks of the lake. Some areas are suitable for swimming. Fishing is only possible here with an annual permit. It is a great place to take a picnic and enjoy the wildlife. There are many waterbirds at the lake.

Bulgarian Stonehenge

Close to Rayovtsi Village (15 minutes drive), the Bulgarian Stonehenge Monument stands on the hilltop. It overlooks the beautiful Yovkovtsi Lake and is a lovely location. It was built to remember Valchan Voidoda a famous Buglarian. There is a small chapel where you can light a candle to remember loved ones.

Maryan Winery

The Maryan winery is family-run and is famous across Bulgaria for its fabulous wines. They do different wine-tastings based on 3 or 5 wines. You must book in advance. Details for how to do this are on their website.

Meat & Cheese Speciality Shops

Elena is famous for charcuterie. One of the best dried meats in Bulgaria is named after this town – filet Elena. It can be bought from the great speciality shop Balkan Village Meat Shop. This shop produces its own dried meats the brand “Elena Balkanians”. Working hours: every day from 9.00 – 21.00 Address: Elena, Ilarion Makariopolski Str. GPS: 42.92979,25.878991

The Elena & Cheese and Dairy Products Shop is also well-worth a visit. Their white cheese is one of them most famous and it truly delicious. It is a delicate crumbly white salty cheese. It is a wonderful alternative to all recipes that use feta and acts as a seasoning in tomato dishes and baked recipes too. Elena Yogurt is very healthy. It is packed with good bacteria and can easily be made into a drink called Aryan. This is both delicious and refreshing. It is wonderful in summer.

Where to Eat in Elena

Restuarant Tiyia Kut (The Quiet Place) is a great place to go for lunch. It is a on the edge of the town, so it is better to drive. Mehana Truchev is in the centre and sells a good range of authentic Bulgarian dishes. It also sells pizza and pasta if some of your family prefer this.

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